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Rock Hotel

Well, I'm planning to write not about retro music, but also newly recorded :P

The only important thing is that it should fit well in the roots.

Rock Hotel is Estonian rock'n'roll band. Since 1978 they have released many albums. And it was good to know that they are still in active with their all-time leader Ivo Linna, and had a new album out in 1995. When I discovered this band for myself I was blew away by the song "Rockabilly Rock" (recorded in 1981). And I was blew away again when I heard their song "Let's All Rock Together" from their '95 album "Aeg Meid Muutnud On". Listen and decide for yourself.

Ivo Linna - vocal,
Tiit Kõrvits - lead guitar.
Heigo Mirka - bass guiatr,
Margus Kappel - keyboards,
Harry Kõrvits - drums.

Rock Hotel Let's All Rock Together (Red Hot Records, RHCD 001, 1995)
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