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Music for Sunady Date, Vol. 5

Hallo, friends, here's Karel and radio "Manzerock" is on the air! Today is the last day of the year 2006. I want to say Happy New Year to all of you, retro lovers. Hope the next year will bring you lots of nice music.

The first artist today is Alfi Kabiljo Ensemble. Alfi Kabiljo, composer, arranger, songwriter and producer, was born on December 22, 1935. He wrote, and still writes, lots of music for film and TV, arranges dance and classical music. The track is called "Morning Twist" (hope it will make you wake up ;)

El Toro et les Cyclones is a French beat group, they released a few EP's in the early 1960's. This song is "Twenty Flight Rock" with French lyrics was released in 1962.

I still wonder how many music lovers aware of Icelandic artists? I think they are just amazing. For example, Ási í Bæ.

István Selmeczi, a Hungarian organ player, plays a famous tune called "Green Fields" together with Vilmos Körmendi ensemble.

Hugo Strasser was a famous German clarnetist, formed his big band in 1955 and still in active. He was also successful as a composer, his "Lonely Trumpet" with Ray Anthony became a world hit.

There are more interesting tracks here, like "Santa Lucia" by Vico Torriani - very nice piece of Italian origin, "Hello, Mr. Sir..." by Austrian obscure beat band called The Hubbubs, Margareta Pâslaru - romanian music and film star, Camillo Felgen from Luxembourg, Mimi Nikolova backed by Bulgarian Radio and Television Orchestra conducted by M. Leviev.

The last track is Alexander Zatsepin' masterpiece from the motion picture "Tak Rozhdautsya Tosty". It was recorded by Zatsepin' ensemble in 1961.

Here's the full track list:

Ansambl Alfija Kabilja Jutarnji Twist (Yugoslavia)
El Toro et Les Cyclones Vingtième Étage (Twenty Flight Rock) (France)
Ási í Bæ Sólbrúnir Vangar (Iceland)
Körmendi együttes Zöld Volt A Mező (Green Fields) (Hungary)
The Bachelors Only You (Ireland)
Hugo Strasser-Tanzorchester Popocatepetl Twist (Germany)
Margareta Pâslaru Doua Rindunici (Romania)
The Hubbubs Hello, Mr. Sir... (Austria)
Vico Torriani Santa Lucia (Switzerland)
Camillo Felgen Petit Bonhomme (Luxembourg)
Mimi Nikolova Sinee (Bulgaria)
L'ensemble de Aleksander Zatsepin Prazdnichniy Vals (USSR)

Have a Happy New Year and all the best wishes to all of you!

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Milana :)

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