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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 2

Hello, friends! Here you are – the second issue of the European Sunday compilation called "Music For Sunday Date". I enjoy making this, so and you, I hope.

Some tracks here are rather obscure. The Cliffters is a Danish band, very popular in the 60's, ofthen called as the Danish Shadows. The track "Sleepwalk" is from their early demo.

Anita Traversi song is not the best sound quality, but I doubt there is a better one anywhere?

Burt Blanca is my favorite Belgium guitarist, was very popular with his band in the 1960s. This version of "Telstar" has English lyrics, with magic organ at the beginning (and at the end of the song, too).

And again Lehel Németh presented Hungary here – I can't help it, I like him. And the same goes for Ivo Robić.

Elisabeth Granneman sings a funny song called "Square Waltz", she is from Norway.

Sile Dinicu and his Orcestra was transcribed from LP, so expect a little hiss. This Romanian swing band make a good point at the end of my new compilation.

The full track listing looks like this:

The Cliffters Sleepwalk (Denmark)
Adriano Celentano Rip It Up (Italy)
Anita Traversi Cielo e Terra (Switzerland)
Burt Blanca Magic Star (Telstar) (Belgium)
Ivo Robić Stranci u Noći (Strangers In the Night) (Yugoslavia)
Lehel Németh Ramona (Hungary)
Oliver Twist & The Happy Twistler Twist für Gina (West Germany)
Elisabeth Granneman En God Gammel, Firkantet Vals (Norway)
Milan Chladil Snění, To Pro Mne Není (Czeskoslovakia)
The Caretakers Caravan (Sweden)
Orchestra RTV, dirijor Sile Dinicu Potpourri, Part I (Romania)
Orchestra RTV, dirijor Sile Dinicu Potpourri, Part II (Romania)

Have a nice weekend!

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Anonymous Sonya Kleiner said...

thank you so much for your compilations! There was a time we listened to them on every party - somebody gave me discs, I thought they were issued by some record company. Now I know the author)) Unfortunately I lost these treasures. And I can't download none of the 8 from here(( Is there any possibility to download it somewhere else?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blogger Соня said...

Забавно - только что обнаружила, что писать по английски было необязательно) Вообще живём в одном городе. Кирилл! Вот бы вы мне ответили! Так нужны ваши великолепные сборки!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


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