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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 7

Freunde, wir haben alles verkauft,
Die letzten Teppiche,
Die schönsten Frauen,
Das beste Öl,
Und nun verkaufen wir Musik...

— Hazy Osterwald-Sextett.

Hello friends, and again "Music For Sunday Date" is on the air.

Mario Bertolazzi is an Italian pianist and composer. In the late 1940's he played jazz in Bologna and in the late 1950's became interested in Rock'n'Roll movement and even recorded an album in 1960 simply titled "Rock'n'Roll", where he played outstanding version of this music.

Rock-Ragge & His Four CometsRagnar Nygren, well-known in Sweden and over Europe as Rock-Ragge. He formed his band The Four Comets in 1957 and played in parks, and later put some nice tunes on vinyl. Here's a Dick Lory's song "Ballroom Baby" form his first EP released in 1958 on Decca Reocrds.

Wenche MyhreWenche Myhre is a Norwegian singer and actress who has had a great number of hit songs since the 1960s in the Norwegian, German as well as the Swedish markets and languages. She got her first recording contract with composer and producer Arne Bendiksen at an age of 13, when she won a talent contest in Oslo in 1960. Here's a Don Gibson's cover "Oh, Lonesome Me" from 1960, which Wenche sings in Norwegian.

Ivo Robić is one of my favorite Yugoslavian singers. He started to sing and make records in the 1940's. He sang Italian songs, toured Germany where he sang in German. But "Pjesma o Švrći" is an original Yugoslavian song. It was written by Nikica Kalogjera - great composer and arranger - and was recorded in 1957.

Nikica Kalogjera & Ivo Robić
There are more nice songs, like Tamara Miansarova's "You're the Best" written by Eddie Rozner (also listen to great accompaniation from "L'ensemble 3+2"), funny "Caravan" from Swiss hero Hazy Osterwald, Romanian Dan Georgescu's "Cu Tine Nu Pot Sa Ma Cert", Hungarian actress and singer Kiss Manyi with Koltay-Papp együttes, French Petula Clark with Beatles song "Please, Please Me", Icelandic Hljómar and Dutch indo-rock band Tielman Brothers with beautiful "Moon River" by Mancini.

Here's the track list:

Mario Bertolazzi e I Suoi Rockers Train Rock (Italy, 1960)
Rock-Ragge & His Four Comets Ballroom Baby (Sweden, 1958)
Wenche Myhre Åh Det Er Søndag (Oh, Lonesome Me) (Norway, 1960)
Ivo Robić Pjesma o Švrći (Yugoslavia, 1957)
Tamara Miansarova Ty Luchshe Vseh (USSR, 1964)
Tabányi Mihály és szólistái The Breeze and I (Hungary, 1962)
Hazy Osterwald-Sextett Caravan (Switzerland, 1961)
Dan Georgescu Cu Tine Nu Pot Sa Ma Cert (Romania, 1966)
Kiss Manyi Mesélj a Böbebabáról (Hungary, 1963)
The Tielman Brothers Moon River (Netherlands, 1961)
Petula Clark Tu Perds Ton Temps (Please, Please Me) (France, 1964)
Hljómar Fyrsti Kossinn (Iceland, 1965)

Have a nice weekend!

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