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Rocking Cosmonauts

Hello everybody, hi all, this is Karel, and Radio Manzerock is on the air.

12th of April 1954 is the day when Bill Haley recorded his all-time hit «Rock Around the Clock». And 12th of April 1961 is the day, when Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. So, todays programm is dedicated to these historical events: rocking and space, hence the name - Rocking Cosmonauts!

ElectronElectron is one of the first Russian instrumental bands, started back in 1957 as an instrumental guitar quartet.
In the early 1960s two guitarists (V. Prikazchikov and E. Gusev) formed a new quartet with rhythm section and found the name Electron (see the picture on the right). Instrumental number «Sputnik» is from a flexi released by Russian music journal «Krugozor» in 1966.

Peter Karus is German singer and actor, was very popular in Germany in the late 1950s. And still is.

Rock-KristerThe next track is «Sputnik Rock and Roll» by Swedish rock star Rock-Krister and His Cristals. It was recorded back in the ealry 1958. See the EP sleeve on the left. It is a cult song, even modern Swedish rockabilly bands have it in their repertoire.

Metro is one of the most popular Hungarian beat bands. This instrumental number is from their ealry single. On the photo below you can see one of the early Metro gigs.

Bergendi együttes is another famous Hungarian band. They were formed as a dance and accompaniation ensemble. Later they released some cool jazz records. "Üstökös" means "Comet" is Hungarian.

Die Sputniks is an East Germany big-beat band formed in 1963. This instrumental tarck is from 1964.

Miroslav Kefurt is a czech guitarist, played with jazz combos during the 1950s and formed his own band in 1960. The band recorded some interesting instrumental tracks in the 1960s, and also accomponiated for czech pop stars, like Eva Pilarova or Jiří Popper. Here's an instrumental track called "Vostok", dedicated to the the first human spaceflight.

Gustav BromAnother czech gem, «Pozdrav Astronautovi» was written in 1961 by J. Hnilička and P. Pácl. Gustav Brom Orchestra was founded by Gustav Frkal (who changed his name due to the WWII stormy events after a chemical element, Bromine) signed up for their first professional engagement in June 1940. Since that time Gustav Brom’s big-band’s name has appeared on more than 576 music records, of both local and foreign origin.
This song was recorded by Gustav Brom Orchestra with Gustav taking vocals by himself.

Rocke-PelleRocke-Pelle (real name Per Harald Hartvig) was one the first Norwegian rock stars.
The song «Good Rockin' Baby» is from the 1958 EP. It's originally Sid King & The Five Strings song from 1956.
He was was very popular, even Norwegian painters used his name in their satiric pictures. I just found a funny Norwegian postcard from the 1950s (see the picture below).
It shows a young man who's invited to shake hands with his girlfriend's father.
It reads:
— Are you Rockefeller?
— No, Rockepelle!

The Beatniks was a Norwegian big-beat band. This instrumental track was recorded in 1963.

Edita PiekhaEdith Pierha started to sing in the early 1956 with vocal ensemble "Droujba" (translated as "Friendship"). Soon, they won the first prize at the 6th Youth Festival in Moscow in 1957, toured all over Europe. Edith can sing songs in many European languages. "Valentina Twist" was sang in Polish and dedicated to Valentina Tereshkova — the first woman to fly in space. Originally this song was recorded by Polish vocal ensemble Filipinki.

And last, but not least, great Swedish instrumental band called The Spotnicks.

The track-list:

L'ensemble Electron Sputnik (Russia, 1965)
Peter Kraus Rock Around the Clock (West Germany)
Rock-Krister Sputnik Rock and Roll (Sweden, 1958)
Metro együttes Kozmosz (Hungary, 1963)
Bergendi együttes Üstökös (Hungary, 1965)
Die Sputniks Sputnik-Thema (DDR, 1964)
Miroslav Kefurt se svou skupinou Vostok (Czechoslovakia, 1962)
Gustav Brom Pozdrav Astronautovi (Czechoslovakia, 1961)
Rocke-Pelle Good Rockin' Baby (Norway, 1958)
The Beatniks Mars One (Norway, 1962)
Edith Pierha avec l'ensemble Droujba Valentina Twist (USSR, 1964)
The Spotnicks Space Walk (Sweden, 1965)

Let's Space Rockin'!



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— No, Rockepelle!
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