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Big-Beat band Kertukai was formed in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1966. Officially they were called Vokal & Instrumental Ensamble of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (Kauno Politechnikos Institutas or KPI).

Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Vydmantas Juronis formed Kertukai in the first place, wrote music and texts to all original songs. The music leader was Gediminas Jurgilas. He played on keyboards. Other members are: Saulius Lukošius - vocal & lead guitar, Feliksas Tulcinas – bass guitar, Alius Tatarskis – drums. Also, Simas Taršys and Gražina Akstinaitė on vocal.

Never being officially released on vinyl, Kertukai gained a fantastic popularity in Lithuanina. Their tapes (usually recorded live on concerts) were very famous among the youths. They played on dances and travelled all over Lithuania, were regular on radio.

The repertoire contains instrumental numbers, famous cover songs, original songs, like "Lopšinė" ("Lullaby") and traditional tunes.

In the late 1960's they appeared in Lithuanian motion picture "Ave Vita".

Here you can hear the tracks that were digitilized from old tapes – both instrumentals and vocal numbers. Kertukai usually sang in Lithuanian. For example, an old country/rockabilly hit "Long Tall Texan" became "Ilgas Plonas Techasietis".

If you have more records (or better quality) - contact me, please!

Big thanks to Vydmantas Juronis for the information!!!