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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 6

Hello, friends! My names is Karel and radio "Manzerock" is on the air!

This Sunday we will continue touring all over Europe.

Let's begin with classic stuff. The Shadows was British band from London. Started as Cliff Richard's band, they soon tended to write their own material. They wanted to be a real band, not just like Cliff's shadows. Hence the name: Shadows!

Ted Herold was one of the first and best German rock'n'roll singers. He released his first single in 1958 when he was only 15 years old, and the rest is history.
After the army he continued to sing and still is very famous all over Germany. This song is from the single released in 1960.

Irina BrzevskayaIrina Brzevskaya started to sing in swing orchestras in the early 1950's. With her husband (trumpet player) they formed Vesna Осtet after quitting Dmitri Pokrass Orchestra in 1957.
Since that time Vesna Осtet have recorded many lovely songs, won the prize on Drezden Music Festival in 1964. Here a song from the early 1960's called "We're Dancing".

Composer and band leader Roger Mores was born in Belgium. He wrote music for films. Here's an instrumental track from vinyl LP recorded by Roger Mores Orchestra in the early 1960's.

Elly VilhjálmsElly Vilhjálms was very famous all over Iceland in the 1950-1960's.
Song "Ég Veit Þú Kemur" is a good example of her lyrical style, though she can sing not only lyrical songs.

Tabányi Mihály is one of the best accordeon players in the world.
"Csillogo Harmonica" is a nice instrumental tune recorded in 1955.

Milan Chladil was great swing and pop singer. You'll hear him singing Louis Armstrong masterpiece "Mack the Knife", recorded in 1960 (one of the first cover versions in Europe). Karel Vlach Orchestra playing here.

Karel Vlach & His Orchestra
Czerwono-Czarni was a Polish band. Usually they accomponiated to Helena Majdaniec, but this track is from their fully instrumental EP. This is a cover version of Louis Prima song "Just A Gigolo", recorded in 1963.

The Greenbeats, originally named The Caravelles, were Irish 1960's beat group. The song we hear today is from 1964.

Olympians was Greek band fromed in 1965 from the members of Bramhs. They started as many European bands playing The Bealtes and Rolling Stones, but also tried to write their own compositions. This song "Istoria" is from their 8th single released in 1968. Later, vocalist Pascalis started his solo career. He was, and still is, very succesful.

Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Leipzig was one of the leading dance and swing orchestras in East Germany. "Palmen Am Meer" is a nice tune which receives a good feeling.

And last (but not least) is Romanian beat band Sincron. Leader Cornel Fugary was also well-known for his solo projects. He's a good singer. But Sincron was famous for their instrumental tracks. So, here you are: "Play With the Maiden".

The track-list:

The Shadows Blue Star (UK)
Ted Herold Nur Sie (Germany)
Irina Brzhevskaya Tantsuem My (USSR)
Roger Mores et son orchestre Silver Lake (Belgium)
Elly Vilhjálms Ég Veit Þú Kemur (Iceland)
Tabányi Mihály és szólistái Csillogo Harmonika (Hungary)
Milan Chladil Mackie Messer (Czechoslovakia)
Czerwono-Czarni Little Gigolo (Poland)
The Greenbeats If This World Were Mine (Ireland)
Olympians Ιστορια (Greece)
Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Leipzig Palmen Am Meer (DDR)
Sincron Play With the Maiden (Romania)

Have a nice weekend!

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