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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 9

Hello everybody, hi all, this is Karel, and the next 30 minutes we will be touring Europe of the 1950's and 1960's.

British swing has many great names. One of them is Ken Mackintosh — great musician and person. He started to play in big bands in the 1940's, and in the 1950's his orchestra became one of the most famous.

Ken Macintosh OrchestraThe song is Bill Justis' «Raunchy» recorded in 1957. As Ken speaks about it: «Wally Ridley* said he wanted me to cover this thing by Bill Justis. We were doing a couple of weeks in a ballroom in Torquay and I came up to London to do this thing. He only wanted a small rhythm group on it and so Bert Weedon played guitar, Phil Seamen drums, he was a very comical chap, and I did the alto. We recorded it in half an hour, but there was nothing to it. When the record was issued, we were playing in Felixstowe and I thought we would give it a try. The applause was tremendous. We had to play it again and I said to Wally, This is a hit.'»
* HMV producer.

Akkord QuartetAkkord Quartet was formed in 1958 from two male and two female vocalists. At the beginning they sang with Oleg Lundstrem Big Band, and that was a good school for them. Since 1960 they've been releasing records. This song from 1964 was written by Viktor Kuprevich, and accompaniation is by L'ensemble de Kuprevich as well.

Caterina und SilvioCaterina Valente is probably the most famous German singer and actress. With her brother Silvio she recorded lots of hits in the 1950 - 1960's. She is a talented singer and could sing in many languages. But here's Tony Renis' hit «Quando Quando Quando» in German. Truly outstanding, but not a big surprise, 'cause German market required songs in German, honestly.

Nicola Arigliano is an Italian singer. This is a live recording of one of my favorite Italian songs called «Carina».

Otto Brandenburg is a Danish actor and singer. His acting skills made him sing not just a song but a little story, together with a little show.

I like Hungarian ensembles quite a bit. But I know nothing about Négy barát együttes (The Four Friends ensemble). If you know something — let me know.
This instrumental track was originally written for documentary "Tropico De Notte" by Italian composer Armando Sciascia (under nom de plume H. Tical) in 1961.

Swedesh swing has a good and long history. Jazz became popular here in the 1920's, and since that time lots of good orchestras and musicians appeared on the scene. Sax player Arne Domnerus is one of them.

Arne Domnerus OrchestraHere's a song he did, called «En gang i Stockholm». This tune was popular all over Europe when Monica Zetterlund covered it in 1963, when she performed at Eurovision. But here's an instruental version.

André BrasseurAndré Brasseur is a Belgium organist. At the beginning he learned to play piano and violin. In the early 60’s he formed a trio (piano, bass and drums) and recorded a few 45’s. At the same time he played in the orchestra, and was the 1st violin in the orchestra represented Belgium at jazz-festival Comblain-la-Tour.

However, as a pianist he fell in love with the electric organ. He composed and recorded many numbers with his rhythm-band. Here’s a #1 hit from 1965 «Early Bird», named after the telecommunications satellite that was launched into orbit in the same year.

Ricky Shayne is a French singer and actor. He was born in Lebanon, and moved to Paris when he was 15 y.o. There he took singing lessons and established himself as a singer in Italy in 1965.
This song is from his 1965 album «Uno Dei Mods», which received a gold record. «My Babe» was originally written and recorded by bluesman Willie Dixon and became popular in the 1950’s (some of the rockers who's recorded this song were Narvel Felts, Ricky Nelson and Dale Hawkins).

Greek rockin' scene grew like mad in the 1960's, after Greece became a tourist destination. Even serious orchestras recorded teen tunes. This is an example of such a situation. «Teddy Boy’s Shake» was recorded by Mimis Plessas (Μίμης Πλέσσας), pianist and band leader, back in 1965.

GeluGelu is a young Spanish singer who was popular in Latin countries. Her version of Petula Clark's «Downtown» which became «Chao Chao» has both spanish and english lyrics. To make the record more playable on radio station, I suppose.

And the last song today is a nice instrumental tune by Norwegian big beat band The Pussycats called «Ebb Tide».

Here's the full track listing:

Ken Mackintosh & his Rhythm Group Raunchy (UK)
Akkord quartet Echo (USSR)
Caterina und Silvio Quando Quando (Germany)
Nicola Arigliano Carina (Italy)
Otto Brandenburg Hello, Mr. Twist (Denmark)
Négy Barát Együttes Tigris Twist (Tiger Twist) (Hungary)
Arne Domnerus orkester En gang i Stockholm (Sweden)
André Brasseur Early Bird Sattelite (Belgium)
Ricky Shayne & The Skylars My Babe (France)
Mimis Plessas & his quartet Teddy Boy’s Shake (Greece)
Gelu Chao chao (Downtown) (Spain)
The Pussycats Ebb tide (Norway)

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