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Operation 'Y' (Mosfilm, 1965)

Another Russian movie that I like very much - 'Operation 'Y' and Other Shurik's Adventures'.

The picture devides into three parts, three short novels. The main hero of all three novels is a young student Alex (or Shurik in Russian). Famous comedy artists starring here with the talented (the girl Lida is also very beautiful) young actors.

The first novel's called 'Naparnik' ('Helper') and it tells a story about middle-aged hooligan who changed his mind on hooliganism after joining Shurik's brigade. It is the most funny one for me!

The second novel is called 'Navazhdeniye' ('The Delusion'), you can see a title shot at the beginning of the article and screen shots from that novel below). This novel is based on a funny story from some Polish magazine. It is about students, who are going to pass their exams and beacuse of that are hardly see what is going on around. It is a love story and the most beautiful novel.

The 3rd novel is a story about three burgulars who decided to rob a shop. Offcourse, Shurik catched them.

When director of the film Leonid Gaidai asked unknown at the time composer Alexander Zatsepin to write music for this picture he wanted to get some modern and catchy melodies. Zatsepin was the 100% satisfaction. He wrote music which fits very well with the film scenes. It's modern (for the early 1960's offcourse :), funny, dancable, lyrical. Everything is here.

I like this music a lot (as well as the picture). Here's a soundtrack (stereo) that was released the same year on EP on Russian Melodiya label. Alexander Zatsepin formed an ensemble to record the music and also played accordeon by himself.

Here's the track list from the EP:

1. Après des examens
2. Réunion
3. Sauvage
4. Marché
5. Promenade dans l'autobus

Melodiya Records D 15943-4 EP