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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 13

Romanian vocal duo Fratii Mentzel with an opening tracks called "Curcubeul". In fact, it is a cover version of the song called "Over the Rainbow". And intro is taken from Ted Heath's record "Skin Deep". Quite outstanding, eh??

I'll write full notes someday!

Have a nice weekend!

Fratii Mentzel Curcubeul (Romania)
Vocal quartet Gaya Geyran (Azerbaijan)
Kjell Öhman I Saw Her Standing There (Sweden)
Les Milady's Guantanamera (France)
Kvartet 4 M Buona Sera, Signorina (Yugoslavia)
Filipinki Mr. Wonderful (Poland)
Karel Štědrý a Inkognito kvartet Bonbon (Czechoslovakia)
Melody Sisters with Black & White Sh-boom (Holland)
Quartetto Cetra Aveva un Bavero (Italy)
Oktáv vokálegyüttes Tánczenei Randevú (Hungary)
Vocal quartet Akkord Dancing Teens (USSR)
Orchester Hugo Strasser Tintarella di Luna (West Germany)

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