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Aloha from Europe / Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 17

Hello everybody, hi all! This is Karel and radio Manzerock is on the air.

Today I'll take you back in the 1930's-1950's. That was when Hawaiian music really spreaded all over the world, including our motherland Europe.

The early traces of Hawaiian culture in Europe lead back to the late XIX century. That was when lots of music ensembles toured Europe. Some of the artists, like "Bird of Paradise" show, presented exotic sounds of Hawaii island.

Soon, European ensembles began to include Hawaiian themes in their repertoire and put them on records. Today we'll listen to just a couple of them, just to give a clue what it looked like in Europe.

I can comment just a few artists presented here. But if you have more info, please let me know!

One of the most popular Swedish steel-guitarists Yngve Stoor from Sweden recorded his selfwritten "Sjømannsjul på Hawaii" in 1943.
Russian singer Ivan Milovidov recorded the song "Hawaii" in 1933, with John Danker on steel-guitar.
German vocal ensemble Comedian Harmonists recorded this version of "Blume von Hawaii" with Marek Weber orchestra back in 1931.
And that’s all I can put in here. Most of these records are from the 1930s. The last three are 1950s recordings for sure.

Have a nice trip!

Ansamblul Mihai Daia O căsuţă mică (In a little hula heaven) (Romania)
Instrumentální soubor Karla Slavíka Maui no la ka oi (Czechoslovakia)
Ivan Milovidov Gavai (Russia)
Kostas Bezos Ta aspra poulia sta vouna (Greece)
Malihini Hawaiians Moonlight and shadows (Denmark)
Yngve Stoor med sin Hawaiiorkester Sjømannsjul på Hawaii (Sweden)
Waikiki Serenaders Bei mir bist du schön (UK)
Gino Bordin et Son Orchestre Hawaii-marche (France)
Comedian Harmonists Blume von Hawaii (Germany)
Sylvia Mayer en De South Sea Hawaiians Aan 'tmooi Waikiki strand (Holland)
Lys Assia mit Aloha Islanders Die weissen blüten von tahni (Switzerland)
Onni Gideon ja Hänen Aloha-Hawaijiyhtyeensä Palmujen alla (Finland)

Aloha! (49.2 MB)