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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 25

Hello, my firends!

Summer is coming, so lots of things to do on the open air instead of sitting in the front of monitor ;) However, I found the time to make a brand new compilation for sunday date. These tunes are harmonising with the sun and summer fun.

Ozzie Warlock is actually Tony Osborne, British composer and arrenger. In the 1950s he was working for the major companies of the day, and he formed his own band, the Brass Hats, for weekly appearances on the BBC TV teenage show, Six-Five Special.

When that was superseded by "Juke Box Jury" show in 1959, Osborne wrote and recorded the theme song, "Juke Box Fury", under the name of Ozzie Warlock and The Wizards. Yeah, that's the programm where Sex Pistols have appeared in the 1970s ;)

Piero Piccioni, established composer and band leader, wrote "The Rendezvouz" for the "The 10th Victim" movie, based on the novel by my fav sci-fi writer Robert Sheckley.

Jonas Mašanauskas recorded this song about young city Elektrenai in the old Lithuania. Scored by Lithuanian Radio and TV orchestra and chorus.

The last track is an instrumental number "Sochi". It was written by Kirill Molchanov for a panoramic movie about USSR "Shiroka Strana Moya". Sochi was and still is one of the most favorite Russian resort cities.

There are more nice tunes here. Have a nice weekend!

Ozzie Warlock & The Wizards Juke Box Fury (UK, 1959)
Danny Fisher Be Mine (Belgium, 1961)
Margarita Vilcāne Man Šodien 18 Gadu (Latvia, 1964)
Kilima Hawaiians Hawaiiaanse Krijgszang (Netherlands, 1962)
Piero Piccioni e La Sua Orchestra The Rendezvous (Italy, 1965)
Paula Ribas Se Tu Me Queres Beijar (Portugal, 1962)
Jonas Mašanauskas Elektrėnų Žiburiai (Lithuania, 1964)
Miroslav Kefurt se Svou Skupinou Bílé Skály (Czechoslovakia, 1964)
Hazy Osterwald-Sextett Schokolata (Switzerland, 1961)
Lucky Blondo Filles (France, 1963)
Werner Müller Tanzorchester Lisboa Antigua (Germany, 1957)
Victor Knushevitskij et Son Orchestre Sochi (USSR, 1958)

31 MB

Big thanks to Twist and Frit', Andreas Michalke, Boris and another Boris.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man šodien 18 gadi(-u) = Мне сегодня 18 лет

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogger Karel said...

Да, верно :-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogger JackRamon said...


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Monday, June 08, 2009

Blogger boppinbob said...

Hi Karel, Boppinbob from Multiply here!. Just got Music For A Sunday date #25. I do like the "Juke box Fury". First time of hearing.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Blogger Karel said...

Thank you, Bob, for your comment. I do like Ozzie Warlock too. I was surprised when I discovered him!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogger Karel said...

Thanks JackRamon for your interest!


Friday, October 30, 2009


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