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Edith Pierha avec l'ensemble Droujba — Dozhdik (1960)

I already introduced ensemble Droujba and singer Edith Pierha before and here I go again. The song "Dozhdik" ("A Little Rain" or "A Little Summer Rain") was recorded for Leningrad TV in 1960.

Originally this is a Polish song "Deszczowy Fokstrot" ("Rain Foxtrot"). Music written by Andrzej Markiewicz and Jerzy Mart, words by Bogusław Choiński and Jan Gałkowski.

Edith sings this song in two languages: Polish and Russian. Russian text was written by Aleksander Bronevitsky, the piano player and leader of Droujba ensemble.

This song is a pretty good example of harmonising performance.

Dozhdik (21 MB)