Retro Radio Show


Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 27

Hello everybody, hi all! This is Karel and radio Manzerock is on the air. I suppose this is the last post this year. Wish you all Happy New Year and jolly holidays :)

Here's what we have this time:

Les Bourgeois de Calais Nut Rocker (France, 1963)
Jan Corduwener en Zijn Balroomorkest Een Dansliedje Deint (Netherlands, 1953)
Maia Kristalinskaia Novogodnyaya Pesnya (Russia, 1961)
Nagy Marcell Együttes Totágas (Hungary, 1962)
Jiří Jelínek Oh, Marie (Czechoslovakia, 1966)
Orchestra Pupo De Luca Dai Dai Twist (Italy, 1964)
Orchester Günter Gollasch Twist für Geigen (East Germany, 1963)
The Kays Flipped Over You (Sweden, 1963)
Pierre Cavalli et Son Trio Cutie Pie (Switzerland, 1961)
The Beverley Sisters I Dreamed (UK, 1957)
Peter Kraus Du Gehörst Mir (West Germany, 1958)
Orkest Roger Mores Sunny Sunday (Belgium, 1968)

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