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Music for Sunday Date, Vol. 4

Hallo, friends, here's Karel and radio "Manzerock" is on the air! First of all, I wanna say "Merry Christmas"and all the best wishes to all of you!

Today I continue to acquaint you with European retro music. Today I decided to start with the Dutch "A.V.R.O. Dansorkest". This is one of the best swing orchestras from the 1930's, and the first more or less dance orchestra employed by Dutch A.V.R.O. Radiostation back in the early 1930's. The song is called "Copper Colored Gal" and the singer is Freddy Johnson, american swing vocalist and pianist. The song was recorded in 1937.

Hula Hawaiians is a Swiss band from Basel, formed with inspiration from Dutch band Kilima Hawaiians. This is an instrumental number and it's called "The Chimpanzee Rock", recorded back in 1957.

Marino Marini e il suo Quartetto was the first European quartet that gained a fantastic popularity in the 1950-1960's. The song "Sei Bella" ("You're Wonderful") was released on a USSR record in the late 1950's.

Pompilia Stoian is a Romanian singer. With her fantastic vocal she was very popular in Europe.

Larissa Mondrus was a young singer who has recorded some very lively tunes with Egil Schwartz Orchestra. They are from Latvia.

There are some instrumental/big beat bands, like Crveni Koralji, Meteor, The Nightrunners and Hitmakers.

Johnny Hallyday sings a wonderful love song "Retiens La Nuit". Karel Vlach Orchestra is very good with the swing tune "Say It Softly to Me", and Caterina Valente with Peter Alexander sings in duo a funny song "Sing, Baby, Sing", recorded in 1955.

There are more interesting tunes to come, just keep on tuning.

Here's the track listing:

A.V.R.O. Dansorkest & Freddy Johnson Copper Colored Girl (Holland)
Hula Hawaiians The Chimpanzee Rock (Switzerland)
Marino Marini ed il suo Quartetto Sei Bella (Italy)
Pompilia Stoian Kiss Me Quick (Romania)
Crveni Koralji Tema Mladih Ljubavnika (Yugoslavia)
Johnny Hallyday Retiens La Nuit (France)
Karel Vlach Orchestra Say It Softly to Me (Czechoslovakia)
Larissa Mondrus Miliy Moi Fantaser (Latvia)
Meteor A Gardista (Hungary)
The Nightrunners Riders In the Sky (Sweden)
Hitmakers Jambalaya (Denmark)
Caterina Valente und Peter Alexander Sing, Baby, Sing (Germany/Austria)

Goodbye and have a nice weekend!

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Blogger BiG Bad OaK said...

Man, thanks a lot for visiting the Big Bad Music.... i came here just to thank, but then i found all those vintage tracks and stories about the albuns. Keep up the good work too! and MErry xmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Карел, какой же ты молодчинка! Извини, что так фамильярно, но .... сказала то, что думаю.

Милана :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blogger Karel said...

Ну, что ты! Очень приятно :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


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